Spotted: Mademoiselle Marie — Part Seven

Oh, great minds do think alike...

By complete coincidence, Marie and I had matching festive manicures. I posted on China Glaze Ruby Pumps yesterday and, lo and behold, Marie was wearing something very similar! Check it out!

Marie goes to Marie's Nails on 3rd Street here in Los Angeles. Her good friend Shigeko Kawaguchi is the artist responsible for Marie's polished look.

One of my 2012 goals is to pony up the cash for my very first gelicure at Marie's Nails! Aside from being on the pricey side, I can't think of a color I'd want on my nailz for two weeks straight... unless I went on a glamorous vacation and wanted a way to keep my nails pristine without worrying about maintenance... Hmm.

Stay tuned for a new Mademoiselle Marie post next week.

Stay Shiny, GLOSS