Spotted: Gobs of Glorious, Glimmering Gold Glitter

Remember when I said I'd have a hard time sticking with one color for two weeks, so I was hesitant to take the plunge and get a gel manicure? Oh yeah... that was just this afternoon! Well, something amazing has happened since then.

Thanks to good old Bubbles (one of my regular "photographers"), I met a new pal at the office... we shall call her Alpha... who is sporting one of the most STUNNING manicures I have ever seen. And "stunning" is the perfect adjective because my mouth is still hanging open.

See what I mean? Oh, the pictures do not do this justice. Remember that this is in cold, fluorescent office lighting. I'll update this post if I can snag a sunlight shot.

Alpha told me that this was a crystal clear gel that was then dipped — dipped!— into loose gold glitter. Never have I seen such sparkle. It's incredible. I must try this...

Alpha went to Pampered Hands at Melrose & Formosa here in Los Angeles, which is great news for any of you local readers. If you live elsewhere, I bet you could show your manicurist Alpha's picture and, as long as they offer clear gel and have access to a professional nail supply store, this look could easily be yours.