China Glaze — Ruby Pumps

First of all, let me say that I really respect The Polish Addict. I truly, truly do. Her swatches are some of the best, and I wish she'd come out of retirement.

That said, she once did a great series of posts on her Favorite Polishes of All Time. Coming in at #14 is China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

And that is the sole reason I bought this polish! Her rave review really encouraged me. I don't wear many reds, mostly because I went through a phase a few years ago when I renounced my wild, wacky color ways and reverted ONLY to reds (*yawn* borrr-ring)... Ancient history. I was feeling red-dy for red. Plus, a glittery color like this would be perfect for New Year's Eve, I figured.

My aunt treated me to a manicure for Christmas, so I toted Ruby Pumps along to my appointment. I'm not sure which base coat was used because it was in a mysterious, unmarked bottle. I politely requested three coats of Ruby Pumps, as per some feedback I read online. Additional testing I performed on piece of unsolicited mail showed that a third coat really did make a difference in the depth and overall sparkleocity. The ubiquitous Seche Vite was used as a top coat.

And now, for my review!

Ruby Pumps is gorgeous. What I really like is that this color seems like it would look good on absolutely anyone. Little kids like it. Old ladies have complimented me. My red-loving mother approves. Even my more "conservative color"-loving friends admit they'd slap it on for a special occasion.

The consistency is a deep red jelly with loads of ruby red microglitter. Unfortunately, it doesn't dry perfectly smooth. With so much glitter, and three coats no less, I was seeing and feeling a little texture — and I wasn't getting the perfect liquid gleam I was aiming for — so I added a second coat of Seche Vite before I went to sleep, same day as my appointment. (I am a pro at sleeping like an Egyptian mummy when I've got wet nailz. It's a gift.) When I awoke, my nails were flawlessly shiny. Perfectly Glossy, one might say.

And so, although this color is a bit high-maintenance with the three coats of color / two coats of top coat that I'm recommending, the results are definitely worth it. Put on China Glaze Ruby Pumps and click your heels, spin around, and make a wish or whatevah.