Nail Rock — Metallic Gold

Happy New Year, everyone!  I brought in the new year in proper sparkly style, all with the help of my fabulous gold metallic nails!

You may have seen these pics on pinterest and a variety of other websites: Well, I have been dying to find these bad boys, and at a reasonable price.

Luckily, I did just in time for the New Year!

I have to say they are my new fave!

Nail Rock is "designer nail wraps," different from Sally Hansen's Salon Effects, which is actually nail polish.  Nail Rock's nail wraps are not unlike stickers for your nails, but they last a long time.....

and they look fabulous.

Furthermore, you can find them at Nordstrom, which also happens to be my second home.

The best part?

They are only $8 a package, which gets you 16 nail wraps!  Also, they come in a variety of fun colors and designs to choose from!

Each package comes with directions on how to apply the nail wraps, but after doing this in a hotel, with limited supplies and just a few hours prior to the New Year, I have a few tips for you:

(Side note: the gamblers in my party were up- hence the chips.  No comment needed for the glass of champagne.)

* Whether or not you already have polish on, use acetone on your nails just prior to placing the wraps, to make sure that your nails are really dry and have no moisture or oil on them.

* You NEED scissors.  This is not stated on the instructions.  In fact, they suggest you just use a nail file to file off the excess ends of the wraps to meet your nails.  I do not suggest this.  I completed my manicure with the nail file as indicated in the directions, because I did not have any scissors in my hotel room, but I am pretty sure they would have looked approximately five times better had I used scissors.

* Using scissors, cut of the excess wrap close to the tip of your nail.  Then, using a file, push the remaining wrap underneath your nails so your nail tips are completely covered.

* Don't be afraid to stretch these suckers.  If you stretch them out over the end of your nail before you cut off the excess, then you will have a nice, wrinkle free look, which is pertinent for these wraps.  Every blemish can be seen in this dramatic metallic.

 * These wraps will last you a long time.  I was worried to wash my hands, hair, or to take a bath.  But I have successfully done all of those things and the wraps have not budged!

So, basically what I am trying to say is, I LOVE these nail wraps!

I'm sure there will be many more to come.

Also, for more nail pleasure, trying mixing your nail wraps with polish to create a cool half moon manicure like this:

Or mix and match your polish and nail wraps like this:

XOXO, Varnish