Sally Hansen Salon Effects — Laced Up

There's been a lot of talk about nail stickers. Remember Gloss's Sephora Collection Nail Patch in Chinese Blossom.  Fantastic!

And then....THE HORROR....of Gloss's Chic Prints by Sephora, which came off only after a few hours of wear (while sleeping). Ugh.

Never fear!

~begin promotion~

Tried and true are Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail stickers.  Furthermore, they are way cheaper than the other options.

Gloss has tried them, I've tried them, and honestly, I have nothing bad to say.  Now, I have heard some people talking badly about these nails stickers, but I don't understand it.  I haven't had a problem with them, and they always look fantastic!

~end promotion~

I'm home for the holidays and I have one paint my family's nails.

Needless to say, I have been very busy.

I bought my sister Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in Laced up, cracked open a bottle of champagne, and while she finished baking some chocolate chip cookies, I placed these beauties on her nails.

The final product: