Christmas Manicure Craziness

I wanted to do a festive holiday manicure but I just couldn’t decide what to do — there were so many options.

Some simple red and green nails with some glitter? Perhaps some trees, inspired by Jane at Nailside’s fantastic Christmas Tutorial? (You must click here and check out what Jane’s been up to; she really is the best.) Then there was a tape manicure idea I came up with that, if executed perfectly, would look like little gifts with bows…

Decisions, decisions...

The same day I planned to do my Christmas Nailz, I decided to make a million Christmas cookies, and the process was way more intense than I thought it would be. I was too tired to make a wise decision by the time I sat down to do my manicure that night. What you are about to see is a product of exhaustion.

Unable to pick and choose in my delirium, I decided to do ALL the designs!! This is the most cray cray manicure I’ve done yet. I’m not known for subtlety, and this mani is proof of that.

The gift idea was the most promising, but mine didn’t turn out so well. The major secret is access to a helper. Literally, a helping hand. You need another person to achieve this look. See below — click to enlarge.

Best of luck if you give these tapey gifts a whirl!

Meowy Christmas, GLOSS