Candy Cane Baby

I am so thankful to get to spend my holidays with friends who are like family to me, as my family is states away and I only get to see them but a couple times a year.  I will be with them on Christmas, but leading up to these holidays can be quite difficult when you are riding solo. This weekend I got to partake in a little holiday party with some very close friends.  There were many families and babies there, which made for much fun.  There were gingerbread houses, ribbons, cookies, Justin Beiber Christmas music, and other holiday joy!

The highlight of the evening, you ask?!....Painting a young ladies nails!

This particular young lady is of the tender age of five and, as her mother describes, "she like to be a girly girl and get her nails painted, but she also likes to play in the dirt."

My kind a' lady.

The menu was candy canes, and I followed this PYT's specifications exactly.  Belive me.  She was specific!

Using the following sinful colors, this is what we came up with.....

Not so bad for a wiggly five year old!

Afterwards, she was off to the park with the other children to, well, play in the dirt, of course ;)