Manicures & Movies!

This weekend I got together with some girlfriends for manicures and movies! Yes, I admit, I looked like a total nerd showing up to the house with a bucket full of nail polish.  But who know what color or tool we might have needed?!

Thankfully, I brought it all!

I didn't paint all the ladies' nails, but I did a couple!  One of which was Gloss' "Painstaking Pyramids"......which was not easy, but turned out really nice!

We used Essie's Very structured for the base color and Essie's Bobbing for Baubles for the pyramid color.  Both of these are part of Essie's fall line and they are a great color combination!

(With a moscato in hand)

All I have to say is, "watch out for that tape!"  Sometimes, not sure why, it just pulls the color right off your nails....even when we waited two hours for the base color to dry!

Nice tutorial, Gloss!

Muah- V

P.S. We watched "Love Actually" and "While you were sleeping."  Oldies, but goodies.