Le Métier de Beauté — Merry Metallics Set

You know... since most of my friends know that I have an obsession with nail polish, they all seem to think that polish is high priority on my Christmas List.

... And it is. :)

I saw these online today and am resisting the urge. The Urge to Splurge. May I present Le Métier de Beauté "Merry Metallics Set." ("Le métier de beauté translates to "the craft of beauty" en français, ma petite.)

What colors! And what packaging!! I am a sucker for pretty packaging. The site alludes to two sets. Only one is pictured and described in depth. I see some great shades here:

  • Plum Puddin' - rich plum spun with sheer silver
  • Red-E and Waiting - sheer red with metallic gold undertones
  • Tarnished Silver - a moonlit platinum
  • Lame Entertain You - a shimmering copper with silver undertones

There's no need to comment on the awful names. I know, I know. It's bad. Real bad.

It's clear that they are confused about their image. Luxe packaging, clunky names. They need to use more romantic, Francophile names, a la Chanel. But read this...

Each nail lacquer glides on smoothly with a 220-bristle flat blush uniquely designed for easy application. Fortified with strengthening proteins and hydrators, Le Métier de Beauté nail lacquers are highly pigmented for rich, glossy, long-wearing color.

220 bristles, eh? Is that good? We need some context here...

But can we just talk about the little decorative keepsake that comes with this set?

What an over-the-top description... and yet, it leaves me wanting MORE. I would wear it as a necklace, conventions be damned.

Honestly, $32 is totally reasonable. Observe:

  • A keepsake of the Quality, like this hand-chosen leaf? $10 easy.
  • One "mini" bottle of Le Métier de Beauté polish contains 4ml (0.135256091 FL OZ)*
      • Four bottles in a set! That means you get 16ml (0.541024363FL OZ) total
      • One full-size bottle of Le Métier de Beauté polish costs $18 and contains 13ml (0.439582295 FL OZ) total (note: less than the average Essie bottle, which is 13.5ml... OPI is 15ml)
          • So, let's say, based on the full bottle price, that 1ml is worth $1.38.
              • 16ml (total amount of polish you get with this set) is worth $22.08, according to my voodoo math
  • So, $10 keepsake, plus $22.08 worth of nail polish, plus the added convenience of having four colors at your disposal instead of just one... IT ALL EQUALS $32**.

whatISthedifferencebetweenwishfulwistfulandgreedy, GLOSS

*Please observe my in-depth reporting. I am citing my source. Because I care. <3

*my grades in math have never been very good, although I can't imagine why not