A new tutorial. In the interest of time, because I am oooooooooh so tired, I am just giving it to you straight today.

Please insert witty and esoteric tidbits as you please....and forgive me as my brain is like soup at the moment (filled with psychobabble, perfectionism, and overwhelm).

First, cover nails in base coat.  Then paint nails in one, thick coat of Sinful Colors' Snow Me White, making sure you are free of streaks.

Let dry completely.  Then using tape, cut 10 small strips; one for each finger.  Using the corner of each strip, place at top of finger nail, making a triangle of sorts.

Then, using Savina's Coppersville, paint the remaining portion of your nail.  Let dry completely.

Once completely dry, gently and carefully remove tape from nails.

(This step looks so nice that you could end here.  Play with the colors a bit and have fun!  Continue to next step if you desire more....) 

Then using Milani's Nair Art in Art of Gold, carefully draw corresponding chevrons (Where the white meets the copper.  Or color A meets color B.)

(Practice with the nail art brush on a piece of paper first.  But I will say, this brush was fabulous and very easy to use!  Very impressed!)

Cover nails with top coat and marvel in your handiwork!

So many people have complimented me and these nails, often asking me "who did them?"  To which I graciously reply, "myself!"

But seriously, soooooo easy.  Try it out and let me know what you think!