Nail Polish a HUGE Trend, Yahoo! Reports. O RLY?

There's a big article on the main Yahoo! page today about our favorite beauty medium: nail polish. We know that this is old news. LA Times covered this weeks ago and did a much better job. Then again, Yahoo! Shine isn't known for its journalistic excellence, so what do you expect? ;)

Here's a snapshot I took:

What has led you down the path of nail polish obsession?

I know for me, Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration. I have always been a nail color fiend and have an impressive collection; the sheer number of discontinued shades is proof enough that I've been hoarding for years. But it wasn't until this year that I began to attempt nail polish "DIY art." It was seeing the gorgeous photos on Pinterest that made me feel confident enough to do it myself.

Here's a sneak peek of my Hair / Makeup / Polish Board on Pinterest:

What about you guys? As you look back at 2011, have you been more adventurous with your nails this year than ever before?

xxo, GLOSS