I Was a Part-Time (One-Time) (Hand) Model.

And now, the answer that you've all been waiting for...

Yesterday, I posted this picture of my one and only hand modeling gig. I asked you guys to guess how much moola I made. Here was the poll:


$0, nothing, nada.

At the time, I was working on the account side of the agency that produced this sales sheet for Coffee-mate, and this project needed a hand model. I was known for my manicure skillz even back then... and since I was the one who had to supervise the photo shoot anyway... it was decided to just use me as the model. Very time & cost efficient. :-'(

What I learned was that hand modeling was actually pretty hard! I had to stay extremely still (not one of my strengths) and I had to hold / grip things very, very lightly. I also had to lean / rest my elbows on a support bar and it was set at an awkward height, meaning and I had to hunch / hover to keep my elbows on it. Point is, hand modeling is not as easy as it appears.

Incidentally, I do have a friend that is a professional hand model. I'll see what I can do to score an interview with her, and maybe even post some pics of her work!

Have a great weekend.

xxo, GLOSS