Water Marble Reprise: Quest for the Black Pearl

My first attempt at a water marble manicure was, shall we say... lukewarm.

I was eager to try, try again, partly because I was inspired by one of my favorite pieces of jewelry — my mother of pearl ring.

Mother of pearl is also known as "nacre." I really encourage you to check out this link all about nacre, because I've often found myself wondering about mother of pearl (what is it? where does it come from?? is it squashed pearls??? is it expensive??! could it be man made????), and after reading this Wiki article, I feel like a well-schooled expert.

So, before you check out the pics, let me just say that I intentionally made my water marble mani a little less pattern-y on purpose. I wanted a fluid look to match my ring. I did do the traditional water marble pattern (sort of looks like a flower) on a few nails, but overall I was aiming for a more random, organic look. Aight? Okay.

So there we go! My second attempt at a water marble. I think my third water marble will be something CRAZY. What do you think?

  • All glitters?
  • All duochromes?
  • All neons?
  • Super graphic, like white, black, and red?

Send me your ideas, or pics of your water marbles! Click here if you want to learn how to do one. I'd love to feature your experiments!

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