Essie — Very Structured

I just love Essie!  Probably one of my favorite nail color brands.

The newest color to my Essie collection is Very Structured

This is a part of their fall collection and, while I really love all of their collection, the one thing I have to say about this color is it is not as it appears from the bottle.  The same is true of Bobbing for Baubles, another one of Essie's fall colors.

Both Very Structured and Bobbing for Baubles are much darker on your nails, than their pics online, as well as what appears to be inside the bottle.

Nonetheless, I love both of these colors!

I thought Very Structured would turn out as a burnt orange color, but in fact it is a true brown....kind of a milk chocolate.

Actually, I was at a retreat for work on Monday and we had some markers at out table for part of the demonstration.  I happened to pick the brown marker and as I was holding it I noticed that the brown marker cap matched my nails perfectly!

Actually, this color matches lots of things and goes very nicely with brown leather. Perfect for fall!

(In the sun)

(under an incandescent light)