Must Have More: Magnetic Nail Polish

Hello Kittens,

The nails inc. Magnetic Polish post was such a hit, I can't just leaving you hankering for more! You can read all about my magnetic polish experiments here. For additional reading, check out the links below for some little tidbits.

Read about the destined-to-be-discontinued set of three nails inc. polishes at Sephora for $30. That was a deal, since one bottle retails for $16... I am really hoping they'll bring this back, subbing Whitehall Teal for Big Ben.

Click here to go to the LCN website, a rival brand of magnetic nail polish. On the site, you can buy a starter set that includes eight magnetic nail polishes and two magnets for $115.90. Alternatively, you can also buy magnets ($19.90 per magnet) and individual polishes ($9.90 per bottle) separately. In my opinion, the set doesn't seem worth it, because when you do the math, you only save 4 dollars. The economy of scale is kind of nonexistent.  But the magnets are sweet! One does a starburst design, and I'm sure you could use it with nails. inc polishes, too.

So are you intrigued by the competing brand, LCN? Here's an article with pictures, so you can see their version of stripes, and the cool starburst design.

And don't forget to read Kayla Shevonne's post on her experience with yet another brand of magnetic polish — Layla.

May The (Magnetic) Force Be With You, GLOSS