nails inc. Magnetic Polish — Trafalgar Square

I actually ordered this little treat as a birthday gift for, um, myself way back in September. I was saving it for a special moment!

Magnetic nail polish is not brand new technology; it has existed for quite some time now. Remember Lancome's daring foray into magnetic nail polish? RIP Le Magnetique, RIP. We weren't worthy, we weren't ready. Forgive us. (It fetches a pretty penny on the Interwebs nowadays.)

That said, this is the first time I ever actually tried any magnetic polish and OH, nails inc. did not disappoint. Bottom line, nails inc. Magnetic Polish is a SLAM DUNK, and if you've got cash to burn or a Christmas gift to buy, drop your 16 dollaz on a bottle.

Stay tuned, and I will tell you the tale of my experience with nails inc. I'm posting a pictorial, and I'll also give you a few tips & tricks so you can get the truly magnetic look you've got in mind.

TOMORROW, all shall be revealed...

Until Then,

Stay Shiny, GLOSS