Spotted: Mademoiselle Marie — Part Five plus Dessert-y Nailz

May I present one of Marie's more intricate gelicures. Don't be fooled by the demure color palette; this is still pretty wild.

First of all, the glitter. So cool! It's sort of mathematical to me. Index with right half, middle is full, ring finger's left half, pinky is none. It's well-balanced. I like, I like.

For those of you who've ventured into DIY nail art, you can imagine how tricky the design on her thumb is. Dare I even try it?

I know what you're thinking. You're remembering my sorry first attempt at Water Marbling. Yeah, me too. :) Maybe I should stick to simpler paint jobs. ;)

I think one of you with some real artsy talent should try to do Marie's dessert-y marble look. Imagine a tiramisu-themed mani! Did you know sugary sweet nail art is actually kind of a thing? Observe:

Lovely in Lacquer has a great tutorial. Learn how to make these donut nailz!

ciaociao, GLOSS

P.S. Couldn't resist. I found pictures (Google images to the rescue) of the MLP Ice Cream Shoppe, shaped like a shoe nonetheless.