UPDATE: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet — A Polish Trio Tribute

Oh, this is too funny... So you know how I was talking about Chanel's lackluster new collection yesterday?

And how I said it would have made a lot more sense if this collection — designed to play a supporting role for "Rouge Allure Velvet," Chanel's new matte lipstick — were matte, too?

The big disconnect for me is that this trio was released to "perfectly complement" Chanel's new line of Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks, a matte twist on their popular Rouge Allure formula. So, it begs the question... why aren't these polishes matte, too?? That would have made such basic shades a lot more exciting, amirite?

Well well well. IMA GENIUS. Look what was in my inbox JUST THIS VERY MORNING! Check this out:

Not all matte top coats are created equal. Word on the street is that Essie's "Matte About You" is the best mattifying option this side of The Pond. I wonder how Chanel's new addition, "Beauté des Ongles" (French for "beautiful nails") compares? I'm considering just not even trying it, because what if I fall in love? It's Limited Edition!

Oh, Chanel. Up to your old tricks, I see.

Hahahaitfeelssogoodtoberightsometimeshahaha, GLOSS