Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet — A Polish Trio Tribute

When I saw an email from Chanel in my inbox with the words "new" and "nail" in the subject line, I got pretty excited. It was but mere weeks ago that we were blessed with Chanel Graphite, Chanel Peridot, and Chanel Quartz. Could it really be? New "colours" already?? Meh. Not in my opinion.

None of these caught my eye. Then again, my taste for nail polish these days is much wilder than it used to be. If you prefer the classic palette, then one or two of these may be on your wish list. If a sugar plum fairy gifted me with a bottle of Rose Exubérant, I would graciously accept. :)

The big disconnect for me is that this trio was released to "perfectly complement" Chanel's new line of Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks, a matte twist on their popular Rouge Allure formula. So, it begs the question... why aren't these polishes matte, too?? That would have made such basic shades a lot more exciting, amirite? This trio just screams... Valentine's Day to me. :/

Stay Shiny, GLOSS