Stupid Nail Polish Names

The name says it all. If you've ever been caught off guard — or struck by horror — when you stumbled upon one of the (depressingly) many misogynistic / politically inappropriate nail polish names and thought to yourself, "W. T. F. ?" ...

...THEN HAVE I GOT A BLOG FOR YOOOU. Ladies and gents, I proudly present: Stupid Nail Polish Names. The Blog!

Oh, I do love a clever writer. Sometimes "Panderbear," our witty blogger, is short and sweet:

Other times, she waxes poetic. T.Wo, this one's for you:

I especially love her labels! Panderbear's been inactive lately. If we all comment on her blog and beg for her to come back, maybe she'll return from whatever nail polish sabbatical she's on.

In the meantime, what's the stupidest name you've encountered recently?

"My answer would be 'One Less Lonely Glitter' from the Justin Bieber* for Nicole by OPI Collection," GLOSS

*Perfume. Polish. What's next, tampons? Step off, Beebs.