OPI — Cuckoo For This Color

I have a confession to make. I spent an inordinate amount of money on nail polish this weekend.  The worst part of it all?.....I went into the weekend with this nail polish splurge in mind!  I just couldn't help myself.  $50 and 7 bottles later, I think I actually did pretty good in my price per bottle ratio, but that is neither here nor there.  I am obsessed and it is out of control!

The good news is I got some beautiful new colors!  One of which I am currently wearing and loving!  It it OPI's Cuckoo For This Color:

Honestly, the name of this polish kind of annoys me, just because it is unnecessarily long and I really don't see the witty connection that OPI titles often have.  But yes, I would agree, this color is fabulous and I am crazy for it!

Actually, the color is a lot like Revlon's Matte Suede in Emerald City, which I posted a week back:

(Revlon's Matte Suede in Emerald City)

The only difference is Revlon's Matte Suede in Emerald City is, obviously, matte and has a slightly yellower tinge to it.  OPI's Cuckoo For This Color is glossy and has a slightly bluer tinge.  Both are equally fabulous!

XOXO, Varnish