Orly — Enchanted Forest

I invested in Orly's complete Once Upon A Time collection two autumns ago, and it was money well spent! Half of the six have become tried-and-true staples in my collection. Scrangie swatched them all in a great post that you can read by clicking here. This week, I'm wearing one of my faves: Enchanted Forest.

Orly's Enchanted Forest may not be brand spankin' new, but it's definitely double-take good. I've gotten so many compliments this week!

It's a deep forest green with the smallest hint of a blue-ish tinge. I feel like my nails are little pine trees. From a distance, it looks like any other dark color; very deep, possibly black. But once you're in talking range — and especially in sunlight — you'll notice your conversational partner's eyes will stray. Down. Down... no, no, not there, over there... ah, yes! Your fingernails!

Enchanted Forest is a creme polish with great coverage. It definitely requires two coats, or else you'll see brush streaks. I've never felt the need to slap on three; I think it would get too dark and it's a little on the thick side, so it just doesn't seem necessary. It's remarkably true to its color in the bottle; with Enchanted Forest, what you see is what you get.

I used my usual Essie ridge filling base coat, two coats of Orly Enchanted Forest, and one coat of my dear Sally Hansen MegaShine. Perfection! For me, this polish is a must-have. It's elegant and unexpected; one of my favorite combinations. If it's a little too dark for you, but you like the idea of a darker green, here's a great pic to inspire you from Flickr.

xxo, GLOSS