Punky Reggae Party

My nails were having a bit of a Punky Reggae Party this Halloween, as they were Jamming with rasta colors.  Is this love? ok. ok. enough with the Bob Marley references.

I actually wasn't Bob Marley for Halloween, or even a Rastafarian.  Instead my friend and I were Salt n' Pepa, who happened to rock quite a lot of rasta inspired themes.  More specifically, we were Salt n' Pepa from the Push It video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCadcBR95oU&w=420&h=315]

A classic!

AND I happened to find this amazing tutorial on how to make the same, exact jackets from their Push It video.  Click to begin planning your next Halloween costume.  And be wary you need about a year to get this jacket together....it was not an easy project!!!!  Here is my pseudo addendum to the above tutorial and tips about the process of making these jackets.

Anyway, I digress.

Here are my nails to accompany my fabulous Halloween costume:

(Black- Wet n' Wild's Black Creme, Red- Essie's Really Red, Yellow- Sinful Colors' Pull Over, Green- Salley Hansen Insta-dry's Spring Green.)

(What?!  I happened to have a little statue of a man with dreads lying around.  So what!)

Easy enough.  And you don't have to dress up as Salt n' Pepa to rock the rasta colors.  However, it is much more fun if you, at the very least, enjoy Reggae and daydream about what it might be like to have dreadlocks...just a suggestion.

XOXO, Varnish