On the Usefulness of 3x5 Cards

I love 3x5 cards!  This bit of information indicates that I am 1) a perfectionist, and 2) a total dork! But did you know that 3x5 cards are useful for a variety of things?  Of course, we all know they are good for remembering speeches/presentations and for flashcards when you are studying.  In addition to these practical tasks, I also use 3x5 cards as bookmarks, to write quotes on and then tape to my bathroom mirror, writing to do lists, writing grocery lists, as a ruler, and........

wait for it......(dramatic pause).....

As a swatch for my nail polish!

This is such a simple, but genius idea, which I get asked about all the time while I am at the beauty store/drug store choosing new nail colors!

If you are like me, obsessed with nail polish and cannot keep your mind from thinking about the glistening colors that will soon be swept across you nails, then you too have a TON of nail polish sitting at home.  This, as you know, makes it quite difficult to choose a new color- What if the color is basically identical to one you already have?  What if the new color is just a shade off?- Sacrilege!

Never fear....just grab yourself and handy dandy 3x5 card and start painting it with the already existing colors you have that you are trying to match!  Then carry this card with you wherever you go (seriously, mine is always in my day planner!), so that the next time you are out and about and happen to stumble upon some interesting polish, you can assess your current stash for appropriateness and need.

This is especially helpful when choosing the perfect ombre nail shades:

Happy hunting!