Essie's Case Study — How does that make you feel?

Therapist met with Nails to build rapport and encourage fashion forward statements. Nails presented as clean, simple, slightly uneven, and difficult to engage.

Therapist explored goals with Nails.  Nails disclosed desires of becoming more even, well groomed and "fabulous."  Nails shared feelings of ambivalence as she described excitement and fear when discussing goals.  However, Nails did report "motivation."  Upon further discussion on feelings of fear, Nails reported a lack of knowledge on how to attain said "fabulous" appearance.  Therapist empowered Nails to seek supports and engage in appropriate self-care in order to achieve goals.  Therapist suggested to Nails three different self-care items to begin behavioral change to address goals.

(Essie's Case Study, Mac Refects Glitter in Antique Gold, and Love & Beauty's Golden Girl)

Therapist requested Nails to complete the following behavioral change steps:

1.  Coat Nails in base coat, one that restores strength and vitality.

2.  Coat Nails in Essie's Case Study.

3.  Dab small amount of top coat onto tip of both ring finger Nails.  Quickly sprinkle small amount of Mac Reflects Glitter to wet top coat, beginning first stages of "fabulous" goal attainment.

4.  Double coat both ring finger Nails in Love & Beauty's Golden Girl, finalizing "fabulous" goal.

5.  Coat Nails in thick top coat.

Therapist encouraged Nails to allow for personal reflections between each step while Nails dry.

Nails responded to behavioral change steps with compliance and motivation.  Nails reported feeling "relieved" and "thankful" upon completion of goals.

Therapist will follow up with Nails to continue to build rapport, discuss "fabulous" satisfaction, and future goals. Therapist will also encourage Nails to seek supports and fashion advice from her community.

XOXO, Varnish