Nars — Orgasm

I am totally lusting for this new nail polish by Nars, so it's quite appropriate that the color is titled "Orgasm." Orgasm indeed!

As you can see, Nars's Orgasm is a beautiful peachy pink color with a subtle shimmer.  From what I have researched from online reviews, once painted, Orgasm looks like an opaque goldish, pinkish color:

I happen to know that they are selling this scream worthy polish at Sephora, because I saw it there a few weeks back.  Now I am kicking myself for not buying it right then and there!  Oh, well.  I believe another trip to the beauty department is in my near future....

Can't wait to try it!  Please respond in the comment section below with your orgasmic experience of this lustful polish!

XOXO, Varnish