Mummy Tape Mani & Orly Androgynie Review

Whilst browsing the Internet, I stumbled across an amazing blog: Nailside.

Jane, at the tender age of 21, is absolutely amazing. I clicked and clicked and clicked away on her blog, filled with inspiration. I plan to try out a lot of her techniques over the next few months, so I decided I'd better master the basics first.

I used her "Mummy Tape Mani" tutorial as my guide. I was a little apprehensive, so I decided just to do a few accent nails. I chose my left ring finger and thumb, then threw in my right pinky for a little extra cray cray.


Accent nails: I used Essie Mint Candy Apple as my base, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Heart as my top coat. "Normal" nails: Orly Androgynie


Let's just say my dreams came crashing back to earth. Everyone said the gray jelly base is too dark, leaving you with a "dead glitter" look. "Dead glitter? What does that even mean??" I asked myself. Now I know!

The base is just too dark. I used three light coats and you can barely see any glitter. The base obscures any possible sparkle. Not to mention, the glitter sticks to the sides and bottom of the bottle. I shook vigorously for a very long time, but it didn't do much good. I ended up tapping the "stick" part of the brush onto my nails to steal glitter off of it. Low budget, right?

I would not advise the purchase of this particular Orly shade. If you truly feel like shelling out the dough, check out Alexandra's mani. She did it; must be witchcraft. ;)

xxo, GLOSS