Spotted: Mademoiselle Marie — Part One

It's funny how coworkers first bridge the gap between stranger and friend. Sometimes you overhear a discussion in the kitchenette of last night's episode of (insert your favorite show here), you jump right in, and BAM! You have a new group of peeps to eat lunch with every Wednesday morning. Maybe you spot someone clutching (that book you've been dying to read) under their arm as they hurry to their desk and POW! Instant book club.

For me and Marie, it was her nails that brought us together. She's a fashionable lady in general, but her nails — nay, her nail *artistry and magic* — are an inspiration to us all, and they catch my eye nearly every day. She caught me ogling them one too many times for it to be appropriate... and/or normal. It was time for me to introduce myself, and offer her the praise and admiration she so greatly deserved. 

Marie is a true Master of Nail, and now I am pleased to introduce her to you.
May I present: MADEMOISELLE MARIE: Part One.

I know what you're wondering. Who does her nails?! It must have been fate; Marie goes to Marie's Nails on 3rd Street here in Los Angeles. Her good friend Shigeko Kawaguchi is the artist responsible for Marie's polished look.

Stay tuned for a new Mademoiselle Marie post every week until I run out of paparazzi pics.

Stay Shiny, GLOSS