Hedgehogi's Getting Super Spooky with the OPI "So So Skullicious" Mini-Lacquer Set!

I consulted Random.org, oracle of all things giveaway.

The mysterious entity named Hedgehogi, comment #8, as the winner of the OPI So So Skullicious Mini-Lacquer Set!

I can't wait to find out which shades she likes best!

notricksonlytreats, Francesca

Hangin' with Mrs. Lilien!

I just love my MRS. Mrs. Lilien, that is! Her blog is a source of oh-so-pinnable visuals and great ideas from fashion to cocktails to decor. So when I saw she was hosting a party here in LA at Trina Turk's, I was more than happy to RSVP asap.

The location was so apropos. Mrs. Lilien has a taste for mid-century flair, so having her shindig at Trina Turk's boutique on 3rd Street was perfect. Trina's shop was decorated by Kelly Wearstler, who's known for her Modernism meets Old Hollywood style and eye for color.

But the highlight of the evening was, of course, meeting the Mrs.

And here's a link to my favorite manicure she's sported. I've been meaning to try to dupe her look!

If you want a taste of this soiree, I recommend checking out Mrs. Lilien's book! I have a fondness for St. Germain, so I asked which cocktail from her book showcases it the best, and she personally recommended a slushy honeydew concoction that sounds delish.

stayfabbygals, Francesca

P.S. How awesome is this ensemble? I love the two color shoes! Can you see their silver sparkle heel?

Fingers Crossed — MSB Chic & Bottega Veneta Nailz

Hallo, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. When I left you, it was August... I return, and September is here. My favorite month. Yes, I'm particularly partial because it's my birthday month, but I also just love fall. The colors, the clothes, the smells, the food! Ahhhhhhh. To get you in the mood for fall fashion, I wanted to share a link to my pal Margot's blog, MSB Chic. My fashion-forward friend was inspired by Bottega Veneta's Fall / Winter lineup and created an on-trend manicure in homage.

xxo, Francesca

Here, Pretty Kitty Kitty...

This post is for all my Pawlishment pals.

Love cats. Love 'em. And it occurred to me that I have a cool product to share with any of my readers that have a meow at home.

Do your cats scratch your children? Or worse, your furniture?

Do your cats knead your lap or arms as you hold them, destroying your jeans and scarring your skin?

Have you ever looked at your cat's claws and thought to yourself, "I wish I could put glitter on those scalpels."


SoftPaws! Yes, this is for real, and yes I have actually tried them. In fact, I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years (!).

SoftPaws are little plastic nail caps that act as a sheath for the daggers that are your cat's claws. Each pack comes with two tubes of non-toxic glue, and the caps last for weeks — or until your cat chews them off.

I will admit that my cat Olivia hates them and usually runs to a corner with her back to the world as she nibbles them off one by one within 10 minutes. Thank goodness the glue is non-toxic. For her, they were just for show; she wouldn't dare scratch a thing. She looked awesome with a hot pink cat-icure!

Theo, on the other paw, is a notorious scratcher of fine upholstery and shredder of favorite shirts. I trim his claws, but I swear they seem to regenerate into needles within 12 hours. So for him, SoftPaws are a Godsend.

If your friends know you're nail-obsessed and you happen to own a cat, I highly encourage putting these nail caps on for special occasions — great conversation piece. Your friends will think you've lost your mind... until you explain all the benefits of SoftPaws, and you'll watch their faces melt from eye-narrowed skepticism into begrudging admiration.

Oh, and guess what? They make them for DOGS, too! What better way to get your pooch looking swag and protect your wooden floors?

My fantasy is for OPI to team up with SoftPaws to release a special collection modeled after some of their iconic shades, like Lincoln Park After Dark or I'm Not Really A Waitress. If they did that, then I would force Ollie wear them, and I would have a matching manicure, and then I would have a Glamour Shots-style photo shoot with her.

A girl can dream.

Do any of you guys use SoftPaws?

meowsandkisses, Francesca