Appallishment — MTV Movie Awards

I've decided to add an entire new category to Polishment. I already cover Five Finger Discount (free giveaways), Nailed It! (awesome nails spotted in the wild) and All Thumbs (DIY nail art), among other topics. And now I present: Appallishment. Utterly appalling nails. A Hall of Shame, if you will. I owe my inspiration to the MTV Movie Awards. It's been quite some time since I've seen such... talons. Check out one of my favorite sites, Jezebel, to read commentary on the overall fashion at the awards. I'm here for the nails and nothing but the nails.

And yet... it wasn't all bad! Here are some of the good guys:

What do you guys think? Did I skip any awesomely (or awesomely appalling) manis?

xxo, Francesca